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Friday, March 23, 2007

DIY: Apple TV Hard Drive Upgraded to 120GB

DIY: Apple TV Hard Drive Upgraded to 120GB - Gizmodo

Hooray! It's doable. I may have to run out to Fry's to get a 200GB IDE drive today, then document the whole process.

I've already got a pretty good guess on how to do it in broad strokes:

1.) disassemble AppleTV and remove the hard drive (zero to warranty voided in how many seconds?)

2.) use SuperDuper to clone the original hard drive, using my little USB 2.0 to anything cable I have (and if mine is wrong size, that's second thing I'm picking up at Fry's) - or use my old FireWire enclosure for laptop drives. And SAVE THAT DISC IMAGE! If you screw up, you need to be able to put it back Like It Was.

3.) get a bigger hard drive of correct interface & physical size and bigger capacity

4.) use SuperDuper to put that disc image back onto the bigger disc

EDIT - 4.5) As long as you have the patient open on the table, why not install some extra codecs?

5.) reassemble and boot up AppleTV

Seriously - with over 100GB of music already, plus 3-4 Apple bought movies, plus 15 or 20 TV shows already, plus 20+GB of pictures, a 200 is entirely feasible - I might already be filling up a 160 GB drive after formatting capacity losses, OS & sample videos are accounted for.



Anonymous said...

i wasnt going to get one since it lacked so much but now since you started the blog mike and i see a little hacking is in store ill have to pick one up and stay tuned into the blog


Anonymous said...

Curious have you tested to see if you can indeed use all that space, and the Apple TV is not limiting it in software to the original size it was shipped with?

Anonymous said...

you say: get a bigger hard drive of correct interface & physical size and bigger capacity

can you get more specific?

I think it is a paralell ATA (PATA or IDE) drive and maximum available capacity today is 160GB, no 200GB PATA available on the market yet.

The 200GB you refer to is a SATA.

Toki-chan said...

I wonder how many time you'll have voided you warranty from this blog... Hey, if your doing this, can you test the requirment that you have to have a widescreen TV? I keep getting conflicting reports about this? It's the only thing (that and the pricetag) that's stopping my family from getting it.

Thanks for starting the Blog!

olly said...

Very cool, added you to my RSS feed. So I have a question for you: can you see about getting Linux up on this thing? Not sure if that's a.) outside your realm of expertise, and b.) Sacrilegious on an Apple oriented blog ;)


Eric Peacock said...

You apparently only need a TV with component input support to use it.

It's probably possible to run the Apple TV into an A/V receiver with component support but also S-Video or Composite outputs. Basically that could adapt the Apple TV to a non-component TV.

There is more info here.

Tom said...

My FedEx guy finally showed up this afternoon about 2pm. There was a mix up at the depot. He was supposed to be here at 10:30am.

Chatted with him some .... He said there are 200 trucks in Austin. On just his truck (for residential deliveries) he had 30 AppleTV deliveries.

Sounds like it's raining AppleTVs in Austin and needless to say we're an early adopter kind of town.


Anonymous said...

You should try pulling your Mac's drive if you have an Intel mac and putting it in the AppleTV to see if it will boot it.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Do you know if a 12.5mm height disk drive will fit? Fujitsu just announced a 300 GB 2.5" drive, but it's a little thicker than standard 9.5mm drives.

Anonymous said...

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